EPIDERMIS was founded by California licensed aesthetician Jil Wexler.  She is passionate, knowledgeable and up to date on the latest skin care trends, and what works for a variety of skin care conditions.  Jil specializes in treating aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acneic and sensitive skin.  She is dedicated to helping you realize your skin care goals and to helping you achieve your healthiest skin.

Jil graduated on the Dean’s List in Skin Care and also achieved Honors in Skin Care and in Make Up for Skin.  She has always been a skin care ingredient junkie. She loves the chemistry of ingredients and how they interact to promote healthy skin.  After having personal experience with pre-cancerous lesions from a sun filled youth and struggling to revitalize her skin, she knows how to not only help others with these type of skin concerns but also which steps to take to regain healthy, smoother, more radiant skin.  Jil is driven to help people feel comfortable in, and improve the quality of, their skin.

Jil is distinctly qualified to develop customized facials specifically for your unique needs.

Jil’s passion for understanding ingredients and their impact on health began in college where she minored in Organic Chemistry and Health Care/Social Issues.  Jil has a PhD from UC Irvine with a focus on Life Satisfaction and Aging, and two Masters Degrees.