Wait.  What??? Sunscreen on a cloudy day?????

The sun is not good for your skin.  How is this possible???? It feels incredible on your body and on your face.  There is nothing like the warmth that emanates from facing the sun.  Keep in mind, it is a disguise.  It lures you in and then turns on you.  In addition to causing skin cancers the sun is responsible for approximately 90% (!!!!) of skin aging (1). Ugh. Totally not worth it.

So, what do you do if you refuse to give up the luxurious feel of the sun beating down on you?  Start by applying an antioxidant serum, ideally something with a stabilized form of Vitamin C. Then layer on a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is enough.  The sun is sneaky.  Stay under an umbrella, wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. If it’s cloudy outside, the sun’s rays still penetrate!  Think you’re safe inside or in the car? Nope, the sun can still get you through windows. Keep in mind that sun damage is cumulative, the damage building up over time.

The sun emits both UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays.  UVA rays are also known as aging rays. These rays penetrate past the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) into the dermis, the deeper layers of the skin.  Over time UVA rays contribute to the loss of elastin and collagen.  Elastin is the part of your skin that causes it to spring back into place, like a rubber band.  As we age we lose some of this ability naturally and this loss is exacerbated by sun exposure. Collagen provides our skin with smoothness and its loss contributes to wrinkles.  UVB rays are known as burning rays.  These rays cause sunburn and also contribute greatly to the development of skin cancers.

The skin cancer rate is rising at an alarming rate.  Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined rate of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers.  One in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their life (1). The majority of the most deadly type of skin cancer, Melanoma, is caused by exposure to the sun’s rays.

If you love the bronzed look of a tan, there are some fantastic streak free self tanners out there these days.

You know this. Protect yourself.  Keep your skin healthy and looking it’s best.  Getting regular monthly facials can also help your skin texture, treat hyperpigmentation (including sun spots) and smooth out scaring.Have fun in the sun but cover yourself up. It does not matter if you look ridiculous!  It will be worth it as you age!


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Stabilized Vitamin C Serums:

Amazing antioxidant serum. Miracle worker. CE Ferulic good for all skin types.  Phloretin CF good with oilier skin.


Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50, has a bit of tint.  Great for all skin types.
elta MD is great for sensitive skin, those with acne, skin, or if you have Rosacea.
Prevage by Elizabeth Arden is a great antioxidant and sunscreen for mature or dryer skin.

Self Tanner

St. Tropez makes a terrific self tanner. Streak free as long as you apply it properly.  Natural looking tan.  Comes in light, medium, or darker tints.