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EPIDERMIS specializes in customized facials, chemical peels and Hydafacials!



All of the facials at Epidermis are customized to the unique needs of your skin type and the conditions you are currently experiencing.  We are focused on providing you with the latest skin care techniques and home care tools to help you better meet your skin care goals.

This customized facial helps remove the topmost layer of dull, dead skin cells.  Removing these lifeless cells results in improved radiance, softening fine lines and a smoothing of overall skin texture. Your skin will appear refreshed and ready for whatever adventure next awaits you.

Deep Cleansing
If you have a tendency to break out or have oily skin this treatment is made for you! The Deep Cleansing treatment is highly focused on extracting blemishes, improving congestion and skin texture.  You will leave with glowing, deeply cleansed, and refreshed skin.

This multifaceted treatment helps remove surface dullness, brightening and smoothing  your skins appearance.  If you are interested in an anti-oxidant rich deep treatment to help fight environmental damage, minimize fine lines and wrinkles this is the treatment for you!

An oxygen treatment with Epidermis will leave your skin glowing, intensely hydrated, and plump. Oxygen is infused  into your skin along with peptides and anti-oxidants resulting in improved texture. This healing treatment is wonderful on its own or following a peel.  If you want to be red carpet ready, this is THE treatment.


Galvanic Treatment
Smooths, tightens, nourishes.

Vitamin C
Stregthens skin and fends off invaders.

Oxygen Infusion
Intensely moisturizing and invigorating.


The Hydrafacial is an intense treatment using “vortex-fusion” technology which acts almost like a vacuum, deep cleansing  and exfoliating your skin while at the same time pushing a heavy dose of anti-oxidants and peptides into your skin.  This incredible treatment leaves your skin refreshed and deeply hydrated.
Face & Neck
Face, Neck & Chest

Choose one:


Hydrafacials are recommended as a series of 4 or 6.


Clear Up
Great if your skin is prone to breaking out or is congested! The Clear Up peel utilizes glycolic and salicylic acid to gently lift off dead surface cells revealing brighter, clearer skin.  Helps skin breath and be healthy!

Great for sensitive skin!!! This gentle peels uses Lactic, Kojic, and azelaic acids to brighten skin, improve texture, and even out skin tone.

Brighten Up
Addresses hyperpigmentation, spots and skin discoloration.  Utilizes high powered active ingredients including enzymes, retinal, salicylic and glycolic acids to help your skin get rid of surface discoloration.

This peel helps skin texture appear smooth and soft.  Environmental damage and aging can leave skin texture dull and rough. The Smooth peel utilizes antioxidants, peptides, enzymes and hyalauronic acid to help your skin become healthier and radiant.

Ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  By gently removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, this peel triggers the skin to build new skin cells and replenish lost moisture.  Utilizing a combination of alpha hydroxyacids, hyalauronic acid, and anti-oxidants your skin will look smoother, vibrant and refreshed.

Peels are recommended as a series of 4 or 6.
All peels are customized to your own skin needs.




EPIDERMIS was founded by California licensed aesthetician Jil Wexler.  She is passionate, knowledgeable and up to date on the latest skin care trends, and what works for a variety of skin care conditions.  Jil specializes in treating aging skin, hyperpigmentation, acneic and sensitive skin.  She is dedicated to helping you realize your skin care goals and to helping you achieve your healthiest skin.

Jil graduated on the Dean’s List in Skin Care and also achieved Honors in Skin Care and in Make Up for Skin.  She has always been a skin care ingredient junkie. She loves the chemistry of ingredients and how they interact to promote healthy skin.  After having personal experience with pre-cancerous lesions from a sun filled youth and struggling to revitalize her skin, she knows how to not only help others with these type of skin concerns but also which steps to take to regain healthy, smoother, more radiant skin.  Jil is driven to help people feel comfortable in, and improve the quality of, their skin.

Jil is distinctly qualified to develop customized facials specifically for your unique needs.

Jil’s passion for understanding ingredients and their impact on health began in college where she minored in Organic Chemistry and Health Care/Social Issues.  Jil has a PhD from UC Irvine with a focus on Life Satisfaction and Aging, and two Masters Degrees.